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Common Questions

What is a T-Shirt Quilt Panel?

The T-Shirt Panel is the primary focus in Mary’s quilts and throws. The T-Shirt panels are made from shirts that are sent to Mary from the ordering customer. These shirts usually provide the theme for the quilt or throw. Below are the steps taken to turn a shirt into a panel or square on a quilt or throw.

  • The shirts are received from the customer and are then accessed as to the largest useable square size. This is mandated by the size of the shirts and the graphics. Children’s shirts usually require a smaller square size whereas large adult shirts can be up to 15 inches (prior to sewing).
  • The shirts are then cut, harvesting the square with the graphic portion of the shirt to be used in the quilt or throw.
  • An interfacing is then applied to back of the shirt square. This provides several functions:
    • The interfaced shirt panel provides a non-stretching fabric which allows the quilt or throw to be manufactured at a higher quality due to it’s stable nature.
    • The interfacing prevents stretching and puckering during and after use. A non-interfaced shirt panel can loosen, stretch and pucker due to normal ‘on the couch’ use from feet and tugging.
    • The interfacing provides a stable foundation for the shirt graphics to help prevent them from splitting and cracking.
    • The interfacing is a high quality backing that prevents stretching but is still very soft and pliable. It does not create a hard or rigid fabric.
  • The shirt panel is then sewn around the edges to the sashing in a pattern and color dictated by the customer. This creates the front of the quilt or throw.
  • Mary’s quilts and throws can contain up to 36 shirt panels. Custom configurations are available.