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Have Mary Create an Heirloom Qualty T-Shirt Quilt

Mary’s custom T-Shirt Memory Quilts are the perfect way to preserve your past. Our premium quality quilts will beautifully transform your T-Shirt collection into a durable keepsake that will be cherished by generations.

Tshirt Quilt on rack

What makes a “Premium Quality” quilt?

Compared to other quilt makers, Mary’s quilts include the following:


Our quilts come standard with sashing. The sashing creates the selectable color for the front of your quilt and dramatically enhances the appearance.


All shirt panels are stabilized with a high quality, heat bonded interfacing to prevent the shirt panels from stretching while being sewed.


Mary's T-Shirt Quilts are stitched over the entire surface and not just “tacked” together.


Mary's T-Shirt Quilts have high stitch concentration to create the look and feel of a traditional quilt.


Available in five standard sizes with variable shirt panel quantities.


Mary's T-Shirt Quilts are completely customizable. You select the size, shirt layout, colors (sashing, backing and edge binding), stitch style, and the number of shirt panels.

Choose a Size to Start Making Your T-Shirt Quilt

Approx. 56″ X 72″
12 T-Shirt Panels

Approx. 64″ X 94″
12 or 15 T-Shirt Panels

Approx. 78″ X 94″
15 or 20 T-Shirt Panels

Approx. 80″ X 100″
20, 25 or 30 T-Shirt Panels

From: $529.00

Approx. 98″ X 106″
30 or 35 T-Shirt Panels