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Couch Potato T-Shirt Quilt

A Couch Potato T-Shirt quilt contains 12 shirt panels.

T-Shirt Quilt 12 PanelsThe T-Shirt Panel is the primary focus of a memory quilt. The panels are harvested from the customer’s shirts.
The typical size for a shirt panel square is 15 inches. This can vary due to the size of the shirt and the size of the shirt graphics. Both the front and the back of the shirt can be used if desired.

Prior to cutting the shirt panel, an interfacing is heat bonded to back of the shirt square. This provides several very important functions:

  • It creates a non-stretching fabric which allows the quilt to be manufactured at a higher quality due to it’s now stable nature.
  • It prevents stretching and puckering during and after use. A non-interfaced shirt panel can loosen, stretch and pucker due to normal ‘on the couch’ use from feet and tugging.
  • It creates a stable foundation for the shirt graphics to help prevent them from splitting and cracking.
  • It gives old worn out, thin shirts new life by providing a stable foundation.

The interfacing is a high quality backing that prevents stretching but is still very soft and pliable. It does not create a hard or rigid fabric.

From a stack of shirts… to a beautiful quilt!

Build Your T-Shirt Quilt!

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