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Dear Mary, The quilts are truly pieces of art and will be treasured for generations. What a wonderful gift you have and how many lives you are blessing by creating these masterpieces. You did an amazing job with such a limited amount of time and resources I sent you--they are way beyond anything I could come up with--with all his plain t-shirts! Thanks you for what you do and for making a tangible memory for our families. With warm regards and aloha,

Dear Mary, I want to thank you for all your efforts in getting the quilt to me in time for my event. The quilt was admired by over 200 hundred people during the silent auction fundraiser for a hula dance troupe. What I heard were words like, spectacular, awesome, fantastic, great idea, and the oohs and ahhs. You did an excellent job in the precision of your work. I can't tell you how pleased I was, not only to have received it in time, but to be the short-time owner of the quilt. I was very proud to show off the quilt and I was sure to point out your tag on the back as the quilter. By the way, it sold for $1200, but really, it was priceless. I'm already thinking of having you do a similar quilt of many of the same shirts and am thinking of other color combinations of the framing, edging and backing. This time, I have a much longer lead time for a big anniversary year of the dance troupe in 2 years. So many of the dancers were reminiscing about all the hula shows depicted by the collection of shirts. Mission accomplished....the memories were captured in the quilt. So again, thank you very much. I couldn't have been happier!

Dear Mary, My quilt arrived today. It is more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I'll cherish this work of art the rest of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The quilt just came in, whew, I was getting nervous!!! It looks great, I wish I would have thought of doing a different fabric on the back just to add some contrast to it, but other than that, it looks awesome, he will absolutely love it! What an awesome way to display memories. Thank you so much for all your effort and sharing your amazing talent!

Hi Mary, I received the quilt yesterday. It is AMAZING! Thank you so much. When I layed it out, all those wonderful memories washed over me and once again reminded me of how grateful I am for this life & my children. John is going to love it and cherish it for many years to come. I have several friends who have been saving their t-shirts for years with the intent to have a memory quilt made & I also have my own. I will definitely recommend you when I send them a picture. Thanks again for everything. Best wishes to you and your new graduate as well. For me, it's very bittersweet, but I couldn't be more proud.

Hi Mary...The quilt arrived today and is fantastic! You did a great job including all my instructions. Thank you so much. I am so happy I discovered you and you were able to put this together so perfectly and professionally. I will put the word out about my great find! Thank you...

What incredible work you did... it looks awesome. Thank you soooo much, I know my son will love it.

Hi Mary, I just got the quilts, they are so beautiful, thank you so very much! My girls will cherish them forever. I simply can't express what they mean to me and what a wonderful job you did. You are truly talented. I have told several people about you so hopefully they may get quilts themselves. I know in the future I will be ordering my own quilt. So I hope to do that sometime soon. Thanks again!

Hi Mary, You were absolutely right in creating the theatre tshirt quilt for my son's 19th BDay. He LOVES it. We also picked up on the subtle ways you stitched around some of the tshirt graphics. Very nice surprise and adds more fun to the quilt. You are amazing with your talent and insight into making a true memory quilt. I cannot thank you enough.

We received the quilt and opened it Thursday night. Ted is really amazed as he of course did not know you could make quilts from T-Shirts.. Although he doesnt say much about presents, I can tell he loves it as he has already told friends about it. He said that is a lot of memories. We are going to display it on the bed for the party and I am sure I will pass out a couple of your business cards. Thank you so much I appreciate it arrived exactly as you said it would. My sister is thinking of contacting you and I am thinking of having one made from my daughters cross-country shirts. We love the kids shirts. Thanks again

Hi Mary - I positively LOVE the quilt! It's amazing and completely perfect. Exactly what I was thinking. I'm sure the patterns together are not what you would typically use, but it's the perfect momento for my mother in law whose father always wore plaid pants. She will be arriving in Chicago tomorrow to meet the baby and I can't wait to share this gift with her. Thank you again! I'm so glad I found you for this project!

Mary!! I love it. Oh my - I am so happy and so will James be. I am so excited and can't wait for him to open it. Thank you , thank you so much. I was almost going to try to call you, I was so thrilled.

Wow!! This quilt is a masterful piece of work! The workmanship is super and the lay-out is everything I expected. The quilt is heavier than expected, now I don't have to buy a blanket for the current cold weather. Thank you very much.

I am so happy with my quilt. It is now 2 years since my husband passed away and since you made the quilt. It is wonderful. I sleep with it every night and it is a nice way to have something special of my husbands with me every day without having to keep everything. I have what meant the most to him: his t shirts. The quilt is comfortable and just the way I wanted it. I'm so sorry at the time that I didn't make a big fuss over it like I would have liked to 2 years ago. I was so devastated that my husband passed away and how sick he was. Your workmanship was more then anyone can expect. The stitching is perfect. It is just amazing that you did this and the emboidery on it blesses me as well. God bless you Mary and thank you once again. I still have your website in my phone book and your phone number. I am sure to recommend you. The quilt has blessed my heart so much. I thank God for the rememberance you have given me with the quilt and your hard work. May our Lord bless your hands that you may continue to bless others

Perfect. I'm so glad I found your website. The T-Shirt quilt was the perfect gift for my parents anniversary. They will re-live thier trips every time they cover up with it on the couch. Thanks so much!

Mary - Thank you for the excellent work you did on my tshirt quilt. It looks great! I'm glad you were able to help me preserve the memories - thanks. I'll be sure to keep you in mind in the future and of course recommend your services to others.

Hello Mary - She absolutely loves it! Her mom liked it so much she kept trying to hide it so she could keep it! I may want you to make one for her mom also. I cant thank you enough for the smile put on her face!

It is a surprise for my daughter in law and son so, I cannot wait to see there faces. It is truly beautiful. Thank you so much!

Mary created a quilt showing the tee shirts from Keith's adventures in getting to every National League Baseball Park. She fashioned a very large and very wonderful quilt that displays his varied collection better than we could have imagined. Keith was overwhelmed when he saw it - and now he has a unique keepsake of his trips. Working with Mary was very easy - she is skilled at putting the quilts together with all the right touches and she's great about keeping us informed. Thanks so much!!”

Mary, you did such a fantastic job! I love it, thank you for all your hard work.”

Mary, the quilts are amazing! The kids are going to love them! Thanks so much for capturing our memories for us.

Mary, the quilts are amazing! The kids are going to love them! Thanks so much for capturing our memories for us.

Mary, My client loves the blanket. The husband received them for Hanukah & they go well in the newly decorated room. Everyone is happy and he and his 2 teenage sons watched the game under the throws for hours last week so this was a huge success.”

I am thrilled with my quilt and couldn't be happier to have all of my memories in one place - the incredible quality is an added bonus!

I could not have asked for anything better. My father passed away suddenly this past January and I wanted to do something special for my mother. I sent Mary all of his ties and collared shirts and within a few weeks, she created the most beautiful quilt that I have ever seen. She even hand stitched his name in loving memory at the bottom. When the box arrived and I presented the blanket to my mother, the tears that flowed were of both sorrow and joy. I will be eternally grateful for all of the effort that you put into my special project. You have touched the lives of my mother and I forever. You have given us something that we can pass down in our family for generations to come. You can certainly expect to hear from me in the future for many projects to come. Thanks again.

Can't wait to give the quilt to my daughter for her high school graduation!

Mary, We are beyond thrilled with the work of art that you made from my husband's retired t-shirt collection.He was SO surprised when I gave it to him for his birthday and then he was truly amazed at the quilt itself. Your technique is so professional and the details are outstanding. The quilt transformed the shirts even better than I imagined.It is a wonderful, well-made keepsake that he'll keep forever and we thank you very much for the unique and beautiful treasure. It really will preserve his memories. Many thanks again!!!

After nearly disposing of my late husband's t-shirts, I found an ad in the paper for Mary's Quilted Memories. 24 Tee shirts later and Let Mary Decide, I had two beautiful throws for my daughter and son with their Dad's favorite shirts! What a SUPER job. Thank you so much!

I ordered two quilts for this past Christmas, one for each of my daughters. I knew nothing about Mary's Quilts simply did an internet search and really liked her webpage. The quilts far exceeded our expectations, the care with which Mary and her husband run their business is refreshing. Mary worked very hard to make certain my quilts came out perfect and they did! They are keepsakes for the girls who proudly show them to family and friends. Thank you Mary!

The blanket came and I love love love it!!!! I know my husband will be thrilled, you did an amazing job with it and the way you incorporated the onesies was perfect. Thank you so much, I will definitely refer you to anyone that is looking for one of these!

The quilt Mary made for my husband from his Harley Davidson T-Shirts is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I let Mary decide the layout and the fabric to be used and she made the best choices. The quilt is not only incredible looking, it is also VERY well made. My husband was thrilled on Christmas morning with his very special memory quilt gift. I could not be more pleased with Mary's work! Thank you for such a lovely quilt.

The quilt is beautiful, turned out better than expected. Great job. It will mean so much to my mother.

Mary, Wow! I received the quilt today. It looks magnificent, thank you so much. I will be needing you again in two years for my daughter's sixteenth birthday quilt. Keep it up, you make people so happy! Thank you.

Mary, We were so pleased with the memory quilt that you so quickly put together for our daughter Ali. It was the perfect graduation gift and was prominently displayed at her graduation party. It was quite the attraction and we had so many compliments and inquiries about it. It makes me smile every time I look at and I recall the memories that go with each shirt. From Sponge Bob to her Senior class shirt, they are all special. We appreciate your attention to detail and the extra effort you put into getting it done in time for our party. I can't wait to have one made for my son in just 4 years. Thanks so much!!

Mary made a beautiful quilt for our daughter, Madeline. The quilt was not only made with care, but also has a special feature. I can envision Madeline pulling on the bunny’s ears as my husband and I play peek-a-boo with her. I sincerely appreciate the love and compassion she has shown for Madeline as exemplified through her quality work. Thank you Mary!

We are so happy with our T-shirt quilt! The quality is outstanding and your extra options allowed me to get it just the way I wanted. It’s a true keepsake that we will always cherish. Thank you so much

Thanks the quilt turned out great! I have already recommended you to several friends!

My T-Shirt quilt is wonderful! What else could you do with all of those old High School Cross Country event shirts? I am flooded with memories every time I look at it. The workmanship is impressive as well.

THE BLANKET IS WONDERFUL. I really love it everyone has been so excited to see it. You did an excellent job, much better than I ever imagined. It did make me cry to see all my babies clothes on one blanket big enough to wrap myself up in. I am so glad I found someone like you who understands that you are not just making a blanket for someone, but preserving many cherished memories for them to hold on to. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!