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Common Questions

Preparing Your T-Shirts

Before sending us your t-shirts to be reused for a quilt, please do two things:

1. Wash your tee shirts – Please wash your t-shirts with detergent only. Do not use fabric softener! Fabric softener will compromise the adhesion of the interfacing to your shirts. If fabric softener is discovered, we will need to wash the shirts to remove it and an additional fee may be incurred.

2.Mark your shirts – Once your order is placed, you will receive an email that contains a printable layout form. This form will illustrate to us how you want your shirts arranged on your quilt. You will need to securely mark your shirts with the corresponding numbers form the form with either masking tape or a pinned label or paper.

Please do not pre-cut your shirts! Getting a good, square panel is important to the quality of your quilt and this cannot be accomplished unless the interfacing is applied prior to the final cutting of the shirt panel square.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare your shirts for processing.

We look forward to turning them into a keepsake!