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Common Questions


The Backing is a cotton or cotton blend fabric that makes up the backside of Mary’s quilts. It is a solid, one piece panel (with exception to the King sized quilt) in a color which is selected by the customer (see a list of available colors below). Any color can be selected to create an accent or to follow a theme such as your favorite team or school colors.


Quilt Backing

Backing Options

If a specific color is desired, simply send a sample color or mark a shirt that contains the color and Mary will try to match the shade as closely as possible. For example, if your school colors are dark yellow and blue, select yellow during checkout for the backing color, mark a shirt that contains the color or send a sample and Mary will do her best to match it.

If you are unsure of what color to select and you want Mary to use her best judgment, an option called ‘Let Mary decide’ is available.

Available colors:
White,Yellow,Black,Light Gray,Medium Gray,Dark Gray,Red,Light Blue,Medium Blue,Dark Blue,Light Green,Medium Green,Dark Green,Orange,Brown,Tan/Biege,Purple,Burgundy,Pink