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Custom Made T-Shirt Quilts

One of a kind memory quilts created from your t-shirt collection!

Mary is a professional quilt maker
specializing in Memory Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts.

Unique custom quilts are made from your favorite t-shirts or other clothing. We are committed to preserving your memories by creating lasting keepsakes that will be cherished by generations.

We are a premium quality, custom quilt maker specializing in Memory Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts.

We are not a high volume manufacturer driven by sales and profits. We are a business that is small and personal enough to give your project the attention and care it deserves yet well equipped to deliver a high quality quilt with prompt service.

Our quilt prices include features that many quilt makers charge extra for, or don’t include at all.

All of Mary’s quilt prices include sashing and binding, all Tshirts are stabilized with interfacing and most importantly, quilting.

It’s just a blanket until it’s quilted!

Quality Made Quilts

We will use only high grade materials and professional equipment to create your one of a kind custom memory quilt.

From our standard features to our many available options, each quilt we make is as unique as it’s owner.

The Perfect Gift Idea!

A memory quilt is the perfect gift for a new graduate. Whether its a college graduation or high school, your graduate will have many memories to preserve.

Creating a custom memory quilt is a truly unique gift idea. Collecting t-shirts accumulated over the past several years to commemorate their love for their school, to honor a sport played or, other special interest – a t-shirt quilt is a great idea for a graduation gift!  

Start with a Collection of Your Favorite T-shirts

and turn them into an heirloom to keep forever.

Make a quilt from Tshirts Harley Quilt From Tshirts

Harley Davidson Quilt made from a t-shirt collection