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T-Shirt Quilt Prices

How Much Does a T-Shirt Quilt Cost?

Mary’s Quilted Memories T Shirt Memory Quilts are available in 5 standard sizes: Couch Potato (throw), Twin, Full or Double, Queen, and King starting at $249. Our standard sized quilts can contain as few as 12 shirts panels and up to as many as 36. If you desire a custom configuration, just contact Mary and she can customize the size and shirt panel quantity to fit your project requirements.See the illustrations below for basic sizing and pricing of our standard sizes. Click the images for additional information.

Couch Potato
T-Shirt Quilt

Prices Starting at $249.00

Couch Potato T-Shirt Quilt

12 T-Shirts
Approx 56″ X 72″

T-Shirt Quilt

Prices Starting at $329.00

Twin T-Shirt Quilt

12 or 15 T Shirts
Approx 64″ X 94″

Full (Double)
T-Shirt Quilt

Prices Starting at $379.00

Full (Double) T-Shirt Quilt

15 or 20 T-Shirts
Approx 78″ X 94″

T-Shirt Quilt

Prices Starting at $449.00

Queen T-Shirt Quilt

20, 25, or 30 T-Shirts
Approx 80″ X 100″

T-Shirt Quilt

Prices Starting at $529.00

King T-Shirt Quilt

30 or 35 T-Shirts
Approx 98″ X 106″